Milestone and next BIG challenge.

Hey y’all so it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted. All is good, in fact all is great!!

Some of you know that part of my goals for the last 2 years has to become healthier in all aspects of life. My goal is to be healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The emotional piece has been such a wonderful journey. Brenè Brown’s Rising Strong process and small groups  (led by the one and only Charity Goodwin), meditation (I LOVE the app titled “calm”), prayer, and therapy have been things I’ve added to help me become emotionally healthier. I feel like I’m in a much better place than I was 2 years ago. Any questions you have for me on this end please just ask. This part is SO important for all the other parts to fall into place.

The spiritual piece is tied to the emotional piece, however I still haven’t accomplished my goal of attending a spiritual retreat, alone. I’ve given myself until the end of this year to get this done. I’m thinking I’ll do a solo-retreat at Mount Saint Scholastica

The physical piece has been an interesting journey. I started with changing diet and just attempting to get more active. I have learned a lot about my body.  In July of 2015 I weighed an all time high of 351. Yesterday (8/13) I hit my goal weight. I weighed 298.6… Whaaa??!! That’s 52.4 pounds gone!!! I see this and I almost can’t believe it, until I go to get up and my glutes & hamstrings begin to scream at me. Getting physically healthier has included some pain. But it’s the kind of pain that makes you proud of the work you’ve done. This means SO much to me.  When I was 9 months pregnant (10 YEARS AGO), waddling into the labor and delivery room after my water had broke, I stepped on the scale (hindsight says whyyyy?) and weighed 301.2 I never thought I’d ever be bigger than that, but life happened… and then I decided to take my life back; and I am back! It feels so good to be here.


On this journey to getting physically healthy I have done things (like lifting weights (power lifting) and running a 5K) that I never thought I would ever do. Ya want to know a secret? I really like lifting weights. The running part is still growing on me.

In this process I’ve had to change the voice in my head. I used to tell myself “your are worthless, fat, ugly, you can’t do this”. Now I tell myself “I am good, I am strong, I can do this”. Sometimes this old self creeps back up, and I just head to the gym throw some med-balls around, or throw some weight on a bar and repeat the positive mantra over and over and over.  This has changed everything in my life. This positive mantra has changed how I parent, how I relate to others, how I relate to myself, and how I view challenges.  I received the courage to change my self-talk through the Brenè Brown process, specifically the” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Manifesto 

(seriously click on it)

LIFE happens to all of us. period. sometimes that is happy, sometimes it is blah, sometimes life brings STUFF (I could have used a different S word here, but I am a pastor, so I decided not to).  We have the choice of letting that STUFF break us down and tear us apart or we can rise from our STUFF, claim our stories, and write our own endings.

I decided I wanted to write my own ending.  I decided to finally believe that I was strong, worthy, good, capable and beautiful.  My story will not end with my struggle.  My story will end with my rising.

I am SO very humbled and gracious to those women (you know who you are) who walked through this with me.  Thank You. You mean more to me than you possibly know.

I encourage you that if you feel like your life STUFF is weighing too heavy on you, or if you feel like it’s time for you to rise, please contact me or check out the Brenè Brown’s work. CLAIM YOUR STORY, RE-WRITE YOUR ENDING we’re all cheering for you.

You. Are. Loved.

You. Are. Good.

You. Are. Worthy.

You Can do this!!


May God motive, encourage, and bless all of you!



Left = Easter 2015 Right = Summer 2017

Much love,

~Rev. Single Mom



Yea I know I’m crazy, but I just can’t stop! I am running the 5K portion of the Kansas City Marathon on October 21st.  If you want to run (or walk) with me please let me know I’d love to create a team.  I am encouraged to do this by my baby sister, Andrea.  Andrea and husband are RUNNING THE WHOLE MARATHON (yes, crazy runs in the family).  She is running this marathon to challenge herself  and to also SAVE CHILDREN.  Here is her fundraising site, if you are moved to support me or her in this effort please click this link and give. It costs $50 to give a child a new life.  That’s about how much I pay each month for internet, I can go a month without internet to save a child and I know you can too, please consider giving.  


this time is for reals, until next time, bye y’all;

—-Rev Single Mom

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