I’m Back!

I’m Back!

I am back on Facebook!

I chose to be absent for about 3 weeks, while I was on vacation and in transition from one church to the next.

I have set up a new page, this is where you can keep yourself updated about my ministry and my life.  

It has been a wonderful break from social media. I have had a wonderful vacation, it’s not been a dream vacation because that includes sand and the ocean, but I have read a couple of novels, slept until at least 9am and have watched many movies and plan on seeing the new Despicable Me 3 movie with my kiddo tomorrow.

I have moved into my new apartment in Smithville and am still unpacking. My next task is to figure out where I want to hang all my pictures, and figure out what to do for a coat closet, there is no coat closet.  If you have any tried and true small space ideas for closets and kitchens, please let me know.

My job as senior pastor at Smithville UMC begins Saturday, July 1 and my first Sunday will be July 2nd, it’s just 3 days away!

I am in prayer for all pastors that are in transition, as well as the congregations who are saying goodbye and hello.

Here are some fun pictures of my vacation.

Annual Conference fun:

WONDER WOMAN!!  I went to see WW in 3D with my friend, Rebecca and her husband Clayton, who shot this picture of us.


Silver Dollar City Fun: (Nate, Grandma Nancy, Uncle Steve and I went to Silver Dollar City– grandma has some other pictures, one day I’ll get those)

I spent a week in Carthage with family, all of my siblings (except one) came down and many other long distance relatives came to celebrate my Grandpa Snyder’s 90th birthday. We had a lot of fun together, these are just random pictures I snapped over that week.

A lot of my vacation time has been getting settled in our new place, running errands, (dealing with my stolen car) and hanging out with family. Here are some random pics from those times.


I’ve had lots of fun. My daily schedule is way off, but thats what summer is all about right?

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of work and other random fun times with my kiddo and family.  I hope you all are having a great summer.

I learned several things about my time away from Facebook. 1. it is a spiritual practice to take a step away, and although it took me a bit to get used to it, I really enjoyed being away.  2. It is a big brave step to create healthy boundaries both in real life and social media life. 3. I love who I am, who God has created me to be and where God is calling me.  4. I probably will do this break from social media on a more regular basis.

Much love and peace to you all.

~Rev. Single Mom

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