LENT and FASTING/giving something up.


SO have you given up something for Lent? 

We are in the first week of Lent for 2014.  I told my close friends that I would be giving up Facebook for Lent.  (I also am giving up other things that I don’t want to share its private between me and God) This is SO hard. I’ve tried to give up FB before and was not successful.  This time I deleted the app of my phone and iPad so I wouldn’t be tempted to check it all the time.  That didn’t work I found myself re-installing the app. I couldn’t stop checking FB! (and we’re only 5 days into this 40 day adventure).  I’m not sure what drives my desire to check it. Is it the little red notifications I get that says someone likes my status/picture/link I share?  surely the amount of little red notifications aren’t giving me a feeling of self worth? Surely I can give myself that same amount of self worth, surely I can feel that same amount of self worth through how Jesus loves and constantly gives me grace. 

So WHY is it SO hard to give up FB? Is it reading all of my friends status updates? or is the cool links and articles they share? is it all the pictures of the new and growing babies of my friends? The first week I tried to give it up I convinced myself that it was too hard to give up because I have to post updates and ‘advertisements’ for the church I serve (you know remind people about Youth Group meetings and nudging others to come listen to the sermon series I’ve started (I find it oddly funny that this newest sermon series is about commitment).  

But thats not really true. i’ve got others to post for youth group and our church page.  And even if nothing gets posted… if the church survived in the last several years without FB updates i’m sure we’ll survive the next 40 days. Then I told myself “well I tried…I couldn’t do it… I’ve already messed up so why not give up trying to stay away?” But that just didn’t feel right. I’m a pastor, surely I can give up something hard to at the least be an example to those who are observing me and my behaviors.  I also really want to be successful; sometimes its fun pushing yourself to do something that is hard. 

So i’ve begun to ask myself every time I am tempted to click on the FB link  WHY am I clicking this? do I NEED to read updates and see cute baby pics of friends or read interesting religious/political links? Do I NEED to share a cute pic of Nate I snapped or say something witty in my status update? the short answer? NO. I don’t NEED any of that. in fact its the reason I’m giving it up for lent (or at least attempting) I recognize that I spend too much time scrolling through FB clicking links reading articles and seeing pictures of my friends kids…and playing those addictive games.  I decided to give it up because its supposed to be for fun, but i’m using it as an excuse to focus my wandering mind, yet it only brings on more wandering…. FB is a sticky mess unless one is very task oriented and determined.  This is hard. Have you tried giving up FB? were you successful? 

Thats the purpose of Lent right? give up something that causes us to ask ourselves the hard questions and seek to God for guidance and help…to replace a bad habit with a new God habit… 

SO my presence on FB will be very minimal the next 40 days.  I am on Twitter. @beckynnate, and if you really need to get a hold of me my email is pastor.rebecca.mulford@gmail.com 

AND this is my 2nd day in a row blogging, maybe there will be some fruit to this attempted FB fast.  

I hope and pray that if you are giving up something for Lent that you are more successful than me, and if you have messed up that you keep trying, keep asking yourself the hard questions and keep seeking God. 

It maybe hard now but, EASTER is on its way. Praise God! 




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